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Office dogs create workplace perks in Dayton

Published in the Dec 22, 2014 issue of the Dayton Business Journal

Cora the Office DogAt some Dayton-area companies, the receptionist has four legs and barks.

Many companies around Dayton have office dogs, psuedo-mascots, who help improve company morale, relieve stress and help create a more enjoyable workplace. Others allow employees to freely bring their pets into work, promoting a more relaxed office culture. The perk is still far from mainstream among Dayton-area businesses, but it helps some companies stand out as great places to work, especially for animal lovers.

Click here to see how dogs (and occasionally other pets) are incorporated into the workplaces of several Dayton companies.

"We have an associate-focused culture," said Ryan Ernst, a spokesman for The Connor Group. "We ask a lot of our people and they should expect a lot from us in return. Allowing people to bring their dogs to work is just one manifestation of that culture."

Allowing pets in the office poses a few potential risks when allergies and pet behavior are considered, but most businesses deal with that with hypo-allergenic dogs or sending a friendly warning to new visitors to their offices.

At Home Products Healthcare, furry employee Hershey helped the company win the DBJ's Best Place to Work award in 2014.

The dog has been coming to the office since he was 12 weeks old. Vice President Matt Peterson said he has always been a morale booster.

"We decided to bring him to the office as a value-add for the staff when the company was small and did not offer a lot of benefits," he said. "Having an office dog was unique and an inexpensive daily bonus."

Peterson said the company makes sure to let new visitors know about Hershey before they visit, and they have never had any complaints.

Beth Ling, director of public relations at Interbrand Design Forum, said the company embraces dogs as part of its culture, but it put proactive parameters around expectations if employees do bring their pets to work on the first Friday of every month.


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